How To Make Your Granite Countertops Shine

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After the past several years, granite countertops have become the common countertop in many homes across the world. Something about the granite’s shine and color make it perfect for almost any type of kitchen. However, granite countertops are notorious for being streaky, dull and ridden with fingerprints. Have you ever seen flawless, sparkling granite countertops and wondered how in the world you’d produce that same effect with your own? The trick is actually quite simple and quick, which will allow you to be envious of your seemingly new countertops.

Initially Cleaning the Countertops

Firstly, cleaning the countertops is a must. They must be clean in order to shine, right? Using a glass cleaner or even soap and water will do the trick. If you’re using soap and water, make sure that all of the soap residue is cleared from the countertops to avoid buildup. Make sure the granite countertops are completely dry. After cleaning with your chosen cleaner, make sure they are streak-free as well.

Using a Special Countertop Cleaner or Polish

There really is no other way to make your granite countertops pop than to use specially made cleaner and polish. The cleaner and/or polish will have to be made especially for granite or it will not produce the effect you are looking for. Things like lemon oil and other unsuitable cleaners will not cut it. It’s also important to use chemicals especially made for the cleaning or polishing of granite counter tops because they are specially designed to not leave a film of residue behind. They will also not be harmful at all on your countertops.

Preventing Stains that Could Worsen Shine

Even though granite countertops are gorgeous, they are susceptible to staining. Oils are especially not recommended to come into contact with countertops because it’s very hard to remove it from a granite surface. That’s why it’s important not to place greasy fast food bags or pizza boxes on the granite. Cleaning granite countertops is not a laborious task if you take certain precautions.

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