How to Begin a Landscaping Project

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When you are planning a big landscaping project, there is plenty to do before you head to the garden center to pick up your plants. The time you spend preparing for the project will have a direct impact on how successful your landscaping results will be.

Research Different Kinds of Plants and Trees

Spend some time looking into the different kinds of plants, trees, bushes, and grass that grow well in your area. Develop a landscaping plan that includes as many local plants as possible. Using plants that are well equipped to deal with your area’s rainfall patterns and temperatures will give you a better chance of a landscape that is always healthy during every part of the year. You should also look at the way plants grow and how much maintenance they require. If you plant a landscape that requires plenty of water, for example, you should be prepared to provide all the water that is necessary to keep it looking great.

Draw up a Detailed Plan

Use some graph paper to create a blueprint of how you want the landscaping project to look. Measure your lawn and translate those measurements to the graph paper for the best results. Drawing up the plan before you begin digging will allow you to have a visual idea of how the end result will look. It is much easier to make substantial changes on paper than to rearrange your plants and borders once they have been placed in your yard. Drawing out the plans is also a good way to help you remember the arrangement you wanted while you are in the process of planting.

Be Flexible When Necessary

After you have done all of your research and drawn your plans out carefully, you may find that some of the plants you wanted are not available in your area. Make sure you have a few backup plans just in case you need to adjust your landscaping project. Find a few different plants that provide the right amount of color or height for your yard so that you know what choices to make if the supply is more limited than you expected it to be.

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